ITECS Feasibility Study

feasibility studyITECS routinely works with clients new to pursuing federal and state R&D funding. These clients are often trying to answer the basic questions of whether they can benefit from these funding sources, and how to get started. To answer these questions, ITECS has developed a funding “feasibility study.”

Our feasibility study is based on understanding our clients’ growth objectives and existing innovation processes. Through primary and secondary research, we look to understand where these factors best match federal and state funding priorities, and to define the best possible paths forward to help our clients refine a vision for successful funded projects. The feasibility study is typically a 10-12-week engagement, during which we seek to answer two key questions: (1) what is the opportunity, and (2) what’s the best approach to take advantage of it?

ITECS results can be used to initiate an internal funding program, to allocate resources and build support, and to start seeding a pipeline of programs that take advantage of the $130 billion in annual federal and state science and technology funding. Our clients use these results to ensure that they are starting from a solid foundation, and are efficiently using their internal resources to maximize the opportunity to pursue disruptive innovation.

Don’t hesitate to contact ITECS and learn how our process can work for your company!

Phil Smith, Ph.D.