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We have worked with over thirty Fortune 500 companies and universities to strategically extend their research capabilities, increase revenue generation and enjoy greater speed to market for their technology. 

One of our Healthcare Clients received $11.2 million in BARDA funding over a three year period to develop a portable respirator.  ITECS helped the Client to re-create a strong, focused concept paper which was submitted to the agency.  Soon after, the Client received an invitation to submit a full proposal.  ITECS was instrumental in evaluating the specs for the project, as well as providing recommendations around the design of the final product.  In addition, ITECS brought in an experienced team to write and submit a powerful proposal. Once the Client received the funding, they recognized their need to create an infrastructure to facilitate reporting to the government. ITECS provided the expertise with a government contract management specialist, with 20+ years of experience in contract management, project management and earned value management, to help the client develop an efficient reporting system.


A Materials company that ITECS worked with had developed a filler nanotechnology that they wanted to bring into the drug delivery/drug discovery market. ITECS conducted assessments of the nanotechnology ecosystem to understand the barriers to entry as well as to understand the emerging technologies. We connected our Client with the thought leaders in this area and used our network to provide a thorough understanding of the market. ITECS also performed an Intellectual Property Mapping to further understand the space. As a result of our open innovation services, the Client was able to start work in a collaborative program to develop their technology in the desired markets. 


A Multi-national Materials company wanted a presence within the U.S. and wanted to understand the R&D climate in this country so they could successfully compete. ITECS worked with the Client, reviewing their innovation portfolio, bringing in experts to analyze the supply chain, and researching the major R&D trends in the United States.  ITECS also worked with the Client to identify a new technology portfolio that encompassed both funding and open innovation activities. To help them facilitate bringing their technology on a forward path in the U.S., ITECS helped them identify appropriate partners to work with in this country, in addition to developing a strategy for forging strong, mutually beneficial relationships with those partners.  


A Client working with automotive materials wanted a clearer picture of the thermoset market in North America and Europe, especially in the light-weighting transportation application.  ITECS provided an in-depth analysis of the complete value chain in both continents, from raw materials to the assembled vehicles. We performed a techno-economic analysis on the applications and identified the driving factors throughout the value chain and created a new approach to the market space. We illustrated the competitive environment between steel, thermoplastics and thermosets for our Client, illuminating where there were good indications of where there would be future growth, as well as uncovering barriers that exist in the development of thermosets. Our business assessment service provided a sound strategic path forward for our Client. 



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“ITECS helped bring objectivity which allowed us to develop a very strong proposal.  Their process allowed us to focus on the essentials and focused the team on delivering a world class proposal prior to the due date.”

                Steve Ringel, Director of Material Science University Institute for Materials Research, The Ohio State University


“ITECS found several technologies for NCC.  They helped us double our revenue with these new growth opportunities.”

                 Lou Luedtke, CEO, NCC   


"By leveraging our technology portfolio to capture government funding, we look forward to not only commercializing Ashland’s technologies in new marketplaces, but also enhancing our technology platform in our core business. We are looking forward to working with our new University partners."

              Don Mueller, VP, Ashland Specialty Chemical 


“The ITECS team consistently delighted us by the access to government agencies, elected representatives, and policy makers.  They really understood our needs and were able to position our technology well.”

              Kent Young, Director of Technology, Sherwin Williams 


"ITECS provided a valuable independent viewpoint and proactive ideas for our proposal. Their expert technical editing improved the organization, readability and understanding of various sections.  We appreciated their concern for our success.  They were a joy to work with."  

              Catherine Murphy, PI, University of South Carolina 


“ITECS was very helpful in highlighting the technical side where it was needed and focusing on the boilerplate sections  at a higher level of scrutiny than we ourselves would have applied. ITECS did a great job in communicating suggestions, refining and editing different sections of the proposal, and staying in-the-loop of the often frantic proposal preparation process.”

            John J. Lannutti, Associate Professor,OSU Materials Science and Engineering



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