We offer a network of experts in a broad range of industries.... 


ITECS employs a robust network of consultants from a vast array of industries. Our experts are best in class--extremely accomplished professionals that provide an informed perspective of the heartbeat of their particular area of expertise. These are people that have many years of experience in developing technology, building strong businesses and understanding the complexities involved in this ecosystem.


From automotive, chemicals, and energy to advanced materials, food technology and defense needs, we have experts across the country at hand that have a firm grasp of what is happening in their industry verticals. This gives us the advantage to tackle today's challenges that occur across a variety of landscapes and in different geographical locations.


Take a look at our focus areas below for more detail on our perspective and our experience in the corresponding industries.




The government is calling for aggressive fuel economy standards, with an average performance equivalent of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. The amount of energy that cars currently use is a challenge, and as such, the government is investing in alternative modes of transportation. Battery-powered vehicles, for example, are a target for investment, with billions of dollars invested in battery production.

Does your company have products or technology to offer that are related to ground transportation or the automotive industry? Are you aware of how to identify opportunities and secure funding? Do you have the appropriate team in place to develop your technology? Do you know what the future trends will be needed to achieve meeting the government initiative of improving fuel economy? 


Download our Automotive brochure to see how we have helped our clients in the automotive industry. 

Today there is elevated consumer awareness of safety of the chemicals used in all aspects of daily life, as well as the impact these chemicals have on the environment. This, along with government mandates regulating the safety and sustainability of the chemical industry, is driving research and development. Government agencies support research and development to create more sustainable products –products to clean up our water supply, to improve the production of clean energy, and reduce the maintenance of the nation’s infrastructure. The applications of chemicals research and development are endless—the need for newer, better and more cost efficient technologies can be applied in most everything we use, consume, buy and sell. 

Are you aware of where your chemical technology can fit outside your core markets? Have you created your team—both internal and external—to develop and commercialization your new initiatives? Is your company in a position to avail themselves of funding from the myriad government agencies that support this research? 


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Personal care, cosmetics, laundry care, household cleaning products –the host of products that keep us, and our living quarters, clean, presentable and healthy—all depend on new technology for improved formulas, cheaper production, and a lower carbon footprint. The government buys more consumer goods than any other entity, especially as they pertain to feeding and caring for our troops.

Does your company know which agencies are interested in any given consumer goods? Does your new product-in-development have all the necessary components to be the best on the market? Would partnering with an university, or another industry player, help solve your development or commercialization problems? Do you have a good overview of where the trends in consumer goods are leading the market?


Download our Consumers Goods brochure to see how we have helped our clients who are creating products to enhance our daily lives.

Energy independence is critical for the nation’s economic health and national security. Companies have invested heavily in reducing their carbon footprint to meet the constraints of the Clean Air bill, and to become more competitive in the marketplace. In addition, government agencies are robustly funding new technologies to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil. From safe and responsible domestic oil and gas production to transformational alternative energy production, new technologies are needed to power up the nation, cleanly and economically.

The race to find the next major energy source is on – is your company in the running? Are you positioned to leverage the available government funding? Have you assembled the best team to reach your goal?  Do you have a firm grasp on the future trends, the government mandates and regulations around energy production?


Download our Energy brochure to see how we have helped our clients in the energy industry.

Health care in the United States is extremely costly, and the systems we use to provide and pay for healthcare are rapidly changing. Exploring ways to reduce cost, expand access and improve health outcome is a priority for the government, who is investing substantial funding into the issues. From innovative medical devices, new pharmaceuticals, impactful therapies and treatments, and improved diagnostics, to health care information technology, new ideas and products are needed in this arena.

If your company or institution has potential technology or products to offer, do you know which government agencies are invested in your particular technology? Is your team the best it can be to bring your product to market? Can your technology be applied in adjacent markets?


Download our Healthcare brochure to see how we have helped our clients in the medical industry.

The United States has an aging infrastructure –many roads and bridges were built in the Depression era or during the FDR administrations –today, a lot of our infrastructure is crumbling. Technologies are needed to rebuild America – to provide safe highways, strong bridges, modernized airports, as well as energy efficient buildings. 

Is your company positioned to secure government funding for the infrastructure rebuilding projects? Are you aware of the types of products and services that will be needed as the government moves forward with this enormous undertaking? Have you assembled a powerful team, with all the necessary expertise and resources, to develop and commercialize your technology to help rebuild the nation?


Download our Infrastructure brochure to see how we have helped our clients who are providing products to rebuild America.

New materials hit the market on daily basis, many developed by innovative teams pulling together internal and external resources to effectively and efficiently bring their ideas to the marketplace. Myriad purposes call for a wide range of revolutionary materials to be researched, developed and commercialized during any given year, such as lightweight composites for aircraft, or the best new materials for building sustainable structures.

Do you have the appropriate technology and team put together to advance your technology initiative? Do you have a clear picture of the market, the present state of it and where it is going in the future, and how your company is positioned to make sure that you can be first to market?  Are you up to date on the latest government "green mandates"?  Do you understand the specifications and regulations that have been set for sustainable materials to facilitate energy efficiency in federal buildings--and how your company can contribute?  Is your company aware that many different government agencies fund research that leads to the development of advanced materials – and does your company know which departments within which agencies are looking for which materials?


Download our Materials brochure to see how we have helped our clients who are developing new materials.

Sustainability is all about creating a greener environment by using less water and less energy. The government is beginning to invest in trying to make it easy to go green through allocation of research dollars, and through the “green mandate,” a group of policies that require the government to buy green technologies.

How can your company or institution capitalize on the shift toward sustainability? How might you reinvent your products and services so they are positioned to benefit from government funding for sustainability? What new products or services can you offer that will position you for growth and funding in this era of cultivating sustainability?


Download our Sustainability brochure to see how we have helped our clients who have been taking advantage of the sustainability initiative.