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At ITECS we have developed and consistently maintain a searchable database that helps keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening in the public sector. On a daily basis, we scour a multitude of websites, journals, newspapers and other online publications, to gather information on what and who the public sector is funding, and what new technologies the public and academic sectors are offering for licensing. We take that information and summarize the pertinent details and provide it in an easy-to-navigate, one stop resource, chock full of information. Our database provides a streamlined resource for our clients to ascertain, at a glance, what funding they might be able to leverage, or what technologies they could license to meet their mission, as well as what consortiums they could become involved with or potential partners they could approach for their innovation pursuits.

While ITECS database is a fantastic tool to employ in keeping up with what is happening in the world of technology, we don’t feel that it is enough. To put some additional punch to the information we provide in our database, we offer, for a reasonable fee, an annual service we call In the Know. This service includes a weekly newsletter, listing the current, open solicitations, in real time. In addition, since we know that the most effective way to leverage the public sector includes early access to the agencies, we include participation in an annual conference of federal agency professionals, such as policymakers, thought leaders and program managers, in our In the Know service. This enables our clients to become involved with the up-front strategies at the agencies and gain some insight of the agencies’ overall goals and directions. To ensure that our clients get the most out of the experience, we include a post conference, one-on-one meeting with our clients to make sure they understand how they can best leverage the public sector. Contact Barbara Felton if you are interested in signing up for our In The Know service.

The database can be searched in several different ways.  The federal and state opportunities are organized by type of technology (and sub category of technology), who is eligible to apply, what agency is issuing the solicitation and what type of request that have issued. The awards portion and the technology portion of the database can be searched by type of technology (and subcategory of technology). Once a record has been located, additional information will be displayed.  In addition, the entire database can be searched via a keyword, which can be fine-tuned by clicking the selected criteria button at the top of the screen.

New items are added on a daily basis.  We welcome you to avail yourself of our collection of information. 

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