ITECS can help you get over the hurdle of taking technology from research into product development. We do this by finding technology, partners, funding and assistinbuilding the business case by completing due diligence on both the technology and the market. To learn a bit more about how we can help, we have compiled some brochures here for your reading pleasure. 


Papers & Presentations 

ITECS invests considerable time performing primary and secondary research, in addition to performing surveys to present original content to industry. We have compiled some of our content here for your perusal. 



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ITECS Services

Our services are designed to help you identify, understand and overcome the challenges that must be met when turning leading edge research into real world solutions. Through years of experience, we have perfected tools and processes designed to help you surmount the hurdles on the track to success. We help clear the path –help you jump higher – and help you land more securely. 

ITECS can do this better than anyone because we come from technical backgrounds—living, eating and breathing technology innovation on a daily basis. We not only understand technology, we understand both emerging trends and the competitive spaces where technology can flourish, providing us with a market savvy that prevents our Clients from chasing down rabbit holes. Download a take-along guide to ITECS Services. 



We have invested time and money in understanding what some of the most innovative companies were doing around innovation. By interviewing over 150 companies, we have compiled the best set of tools and processes in the industry to not only find the technologies, partners, funding, and opportunities, but also to develop technology roadmaps. Our databases and networks are the envy of any CTO or new business development executive, providing a window into the public, private and academic sectors. Wherever your innovation challenges might lay, we have the resources at our fingertips to find a solution. 

The tools that we have incorporated into our services are versatile and can be custom tailored to be effective across most of our services. In fact, they are usually used in different ways throughout all of our services, providing the foundation to nail down a solid solution. Download a take-along guide to ITECS Tools.



ITECS has developed an approach to creating a robust roadmap –one that will identify and evaluate trends in the market to uncover possible disruptions that could upset the apple cart –or illuminate opportunities that were not initially considered. We enhance your innovation roadmap by completing a comprehensive evaluation of the emerging landscape in the space where your technology will reside, including mega trends, macro trends, and emerging technologies. From this analysis we can identify potential problems that need to be solved. Once these problems are identified, we work with the client to understand the best path forward, be it internal development, leveraging outside partnerships or simply making an acquisition. 

Are you comfortable that you have a roadmap that can lead you into the future? Or are most of your projects dealing with today’s problems instead of tomorrows challenges? Download a take-along guide to ITECS Roadmapping service.



Open Innovation Helpdesk

ITECS can help you with your open innovation initiatives. In our journey to understand best practices for open innovation, ITECS has interviewed over 150 companies to find out what has worked and what has not worked. From this study we have compiled some of the best tools and processes in the industry to find the technologies and partners that you need, and we also conduct due diligence to ensure that the solution is a good fit. Our databases and networks are the envy of any CTO or new business development executive. These tools provide a window into the public, private and academic sectors. Whether you need access to commercialization partners or help discovering technologies that are available to license, we have the resources at our fingertips. 

Ask yourself—is your organization being pushed to deliver more with fewer resources? Do you need access to external resources to further your R&D initiatives? Would you like to inject new ideas into your programs which will energize your organization? Can Open Innovation save time and money? Is Open Innovation a buzzword or does it have real potential for your organization? Download a take-along guide to ITECS Open Innovation Helpdesk service.


Leveraging the Public Sector

It is advantageous to leverage the power of the public sector to bring your concepts to fruition, but it is a complicated world to navigate. ITECS has the knowledge of the government process, the technical know-how to get the job done and a robust network of experts to navigate this world. For the last decade, ITECS has helped some of the world’s most successful companies do business with the government, assisting them in securing over $290 million in R&D and capital funds.

The landscape of the future will be touched by investments made by the public sector today in brain research, big data, and advanced manufacturing. Many companies have found leveraging these investments in technology can be a valuable asset within their Open Innovation portfolio, using public sector funds to mitigate the risk of developing transformational technologies. Other companies are actively participating in the ecosystem allowing them to direct the funds into areas that will give them a competitive advantage. Is your company taking advantage of this sort of investment? Are you comfortable letting your competitors lead with emerging technologies?  Download a take-along guide to ITECS Leveraging the Public Sector service.



With technology becoming more complex, and with an increased competition to get products to market faster, a strong innovation initiative is an essential asset to provide a strong foundation for your technology innovation agenda. Whether you are a technology executive developing a new innovation platform or want a new set of eyes to evaluate your existing innovation platform, an outside view can provide new insights to your innovative initiatives. 

ITECS provides that “new set of eyes”—an unbiased, informed look at the robustness of your innovation strategy, uncovering new opportunities, identifying blind spots, and maximizing the value of your innovation initiative. We have years of experience running technology portfolios in a wide variety of industries, working with the entire value chain. Through our networks we have access to technology and business executives and can get to the right people to understand best practices in a wide variety of businesses. We can point you in the right direction—our insight will help identify red flags for you, freeing up valuable resources which can be used on more promising projects. We can help your organization think “outside the box”—inspiring creativity on where your innovation portfolio can take you. Download a take-along guide to ITECS Benchmarking service.


Feasibility Analysis

Whether you are looking for funding, partners, or technology or just want to influence policy makers, the first step is to develop a business case for leveraging the government. ITECS can help. We have designed a service offering, the feasibility analysis, which not only identifies potential opportunities, but also allows you to develop the business case for those opportunities. 

Our analysis is a four step process that will develop a sound business case for a Go/No-Go decision on whether to pursue public sector opportunities. We assess internal capabilities, as well as the competitive landscape, bringing in experts to provide an impartial evaluation of any opportunity uncovered. We further flush out these opportunities, outlining the benefits expected and the alignment with any funding potential. Our recommendations provide a “going forward or not” plan for our clients, helping them to formulate their next steps in moving their technologies forward.  Download a take-along guide to ITECS Feasibility Analysis service.



In The Know

Our In The Know service can provide the ear to the ground to keep you informed about public sector opportunities. In The Know includes the delivery of the ITECS Funding Newsletter, which provides notification of public sector opportunities that we have gathered from a multitude of websites, journals, newspapers and other online publications. We collate the information, summarize the pertinent details and provide it in a digestible format to your inbox once a week. 

In addition, In The Know offers attendance at an annual ITECS-held conference, where you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with agency representatives; and, a two-hour post conference consultation with ITECS to help you understand where your company can best leverage the public sector.  Download a take-along guide to ITECS In The Know service.